Golden Carved Lacquerware

Golden Carved Lacquerware, among the top 24 catalogues in arts and handcrafts field, is a small branch in lacquerware. With unique origin from China, , under three-hundred-year evolution, the traditional handcraft has been recognized as time-honored unique folk handcraft essence in Chinese history.

Golden Carved Lacquerware is completely handmade, complex processing, with lacquer as special material to make soft strip in different size. In unique process, such as twining, twisting, and carving, exquisite design and figure come into being, which enable it the feature of traditional culture. The following is the main fabricating process: First, material preparation. It's blended by lots of material, such as natural lacquer and brick powder. After mixing, and several hours' hammering, the mixture comes to certain solidity suitable for further moulding. Second, whip. In order to display the design and figure, use a specialized twistboard to twist into soft and flexible lacquer lineation in different size. Third, twinning the body. Use endless lineation to make various and complicated design in overlap. It looks special, and the lineation displays exquisite splendid picture, such as rolling cloud, soft water, colorful flowers and twisted plants, etc. under sunshine. Fourth, gold-coating. Coat the designed lacquer lineation with gold foil. Then, the magnificent Golden Carved Lacquerware is perfectly completed.

Golden Carved Lacquerware, originally, is used for Buddha decoration. It has been famous abroad hundred years ago and been approved popular in Southeastern countries. Splendid figures and animals are carved and depicted with exquisite lacquer lineation in unique process, particularly the folk traditional themes, such as dragon, phoenix, cloud, water, and twisted branches, etc. In the past, Golden Carved Lacquerware limitedly are applied to wooden material, baskets and stage properties. Recently, it could be able to apply to porcelain and glassware, such as plate, bottle, stove, etc. And evolution of development is prompted constantly with 24k Gold foil coated. Each of works is elegant, superb and magnificent, which brings high-class decoration and luxury to you and is worthy of classic collection.

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