Genuine Leather

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The genuine leather we supplied are of cow or buffalo, which have very soft and fluffy feeling ,antique and classic looking. They have been salable in North America and Europe.

We have 

1.Corrected grain:buffed,pigmented in one tone or two tones.

2.Semi-aniline light-buffed,no pigmented

3.full-grain:No buffed, no pigmented

4.Hand-wipped: It was finished by hand-wipping.It has been popular in America.The products looks live it has survived for more than 100 years...

The leather is of high quality and best suitable for furnitures. We have been expertised in exporting these products. กก

Provost(cow top grain)

Item No.001

Pearl( Cow Top Grain)

Item No.002

crocodile(Cow Top Grain)

(Three Tone)

Item No.003

Lichi(Cow Top Grain)

(hand wiped natrual)

Item No.004

Distress(Cow Top Grain)
Item No.005

Hand Wiped

Item No.J006

Item No.Jennyever007

Item No.Jennyever008


Item No.Jennyever009

Item No.Jennyever010

Item No.Jennyever011

Item No.Jennyever012

Item No.Jennyever013

Item No.Jennyever014

Item No.Jennyever015

Item No.Jennyever016

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